2024 Public holiday dates

Dear Parents,

Our outlets will be closed on the following public holiday dates:

  1. New Year’s Day (Monday, 01/01/2024)
  2. Chinese New Year (Tuesday, 10/02/2024)
  3. Chinese New Year (Wednesday, 11/02/2024)
  4. Chinese New Year (Observed) (Thursday, 12/02/2024)
  5. Good Friday (Friday, 29/03/2024)
  6. Hari Raya Puasa (Monday, 10/04/2024)
  7. Labour Day (Sunday, 01/05/2024)
  8. Vesak Day (Tuesday, 22/05/2024)
  9. Hari Raya Haji (Tuesday, 17/06/2024)
  10. National Day (Thursday, 09/08/2024)
  11. Deepavali (Tuesday, 31/10/2024)
  12. Christmas Day (Thursday, 25/12/2024)

Primary Schools Uniforms Availability End of Year 2023

We will be focusing on the Sec 1 Enrolment nearing the last 2 weeks of the the year, Please note that while school uniforms are available at our retail store, the stocks are limited and the queue for sales service will be long. Our Sales team can only serve at a first come basis. Every customer will need to take a queue and wait for your turn. We seek your support and patience in this peak holiday period.

Secondary Schools Uniforms Availability 2023

Different schools have different instructions for their students. Secondary Two and Above Students (in the year 2024), you can check the on how to get your school uniforms in the coming year. For Secondary One Students, Please select the school your child has been posted to for the necessary information on the purchase of new uniforms.

Orientation details and instructions for the Secondary Schools are available. Please click on the school below for more information

Schools Uniforms Availability at Campus Sales Counter

School uniform is available during Nov-Dec School holidays at the following dates: Please click on the school that you are interested in at the link here.